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This hub aims to provide useful and relevant information to anyone working to support the growth of sub-Saharan Africa's renewable energy industry. Browse it for REPP news and publications, plus links to a carefully curated bank of external content and resources.

Case studies


Uploaded 17/06/20

Ground-breaking 2.4MW wind farm in Tanzania will help meet the energy needs of a rapidly expanding private rural grid network.


Uploaded 13/05/20

Three new resource definition slim wells will help pave the way for Zambia’s first commercial geothermal power plant.

PowerGen Series B

Uploaded 05/03/20

Success of eight-investor funding round to help leading African micro-utility provide first-time electricity access to over 700,000 people by 2024.

Virunga Corporate

Uploaded 05/03/20

A 100MW portfolio of run-of-river hydroelectric power and rural distribution projects to provide improved energy access for nearly three million people across four countries.

PowerGen & CBEA Tanzania

Uploaded 05/03/20

A portfolio of Pay-As-You-Go hybrid solar PV mini-grids will provide first-time access to clean, grid-quality energy to approx. 75,000 people in Tanzania.

Middle Nzoia and Gitugi

Uploaded 24/02/20

Pair of run-of-river hydropower plants with combined 10MW generating capacity will provide improved energy access to 280,000 people.


Uploaded 20/02/20

Ground-mounted mini-grid project to connect 60,000 Kenyans to clean electricity for the first time over the next two years.


Uploaded 20/02/20

Partially completed 6MW project will improve energy access to more than 175,000 people in the foothills of Mount Kenya.

Buffalo Energy

Uploaded 20/02/20

100MW portfolio of projects utilising large-scale solar PV, biomass, wind and minigrids.

ARC Power

Uploaded 20/02/20

Two-phase project to roll out up to 120 mini-grids in rural Rwanda that will connect up to 145,000 people to clean energy for the first time.


Uploaded 04/02/20

Small-scale grid-connected solar PV power plants totalling 7.2MW will provide much-needed additional grid stabilisation in one of the most underserved regions of Tanzania.

GVE Nigeria

Uploaded 03/02/20

Ambitious mini-grid project will provide first-time energy access to 144,000 people across 72 villages in seven states of rural Nigeria.


Uploaded 03/02/20

Utility-scale solar project in Chad will significantly reduce the country’s total reliance on fossil fuel-powered energy and boost generating capacity by 20%.

Gaia Energy

Uploaded 03/02/20

50MW grid-connected onshore wind farm will improve energy access to hundreds of thousands of people and lead to over 73,000 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions every year.

PEG Africa

Uploaded 03/02/20

Innovative service providing rural communities with credit to purchase solar systems is looking to double its reach after securing additional US$25m funding.

Mount Coffee

Uploaded 03/02/20

Ground-breaking 20MW utility-scale solar farm in Liberia to increase country’s generation capacity by 15% and improve energy access for tens of thousands of people.


Uploaded 22/01/20

7.5MW solar PV power plant will improve the energy supply of nearly 90,000 people in Burundi, while providing 300 temporary and 50 permanent jobs.


Uploaded 16/01/20

PAYG solar home systems project to connect 930,000 people in Cameroon to clean electricity for the first time.

Ghana Catholic Churches

Uploaded 16/01/20

Two-phase project to scope out suitability of Church-owned properties for subsequent installation of solar PV panels to provide supplementary power.

PAS Solar, Nigeria

Uploaded 23/05/19

Far-reaching solar home systems project will connect more than 150,000 people to clean electricity for the first time and create nearly 300 new jobs.