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Case study – PAS BBOXX Nigeria

Uploaded 20/10/17

Tens of thousands of schoolchildren will be able to study at night for the first time thanks to a REPP-supported SHS venture which is set to deliver safety and comfort to isolated rural communities in northern Nigeria.

UK-based developer, Pan Africa Solar, plans to install more than 100,000 self-contained off-grid systems over three years, nearly a quarter of which will be installed with the support of REPP loans. The systems use technology developed by another UK firm, BBOXX, and will provide LED lighting and power for a range of electrical appliances.

Until now, most of the low-income families and micro- businesses set to benefit from the initiative have had to rely on expensive and polluting kerosene lamps and drycell torches for home lighting – or simply gone without.

But with the 50Wp solar PV panel and 17Ah battery installed with every Pan Africa Solar system, whole communities are now getting access to clean, reliable and affordable electricity. Customers simply have to hook up their LED lights (included in the basic package) and other devices to the plug-and-play power unit to receive immediate access to on-demand energy. The basic package can be upgraded with simple accessories including a radio, rechargeable torches and hair clippers, while TVs are available through the most expensive packages.

Pan Africa Solar’s CEO, Marcus Heal, said the company is extremely pleased with the early successes that have been achieved through rolling out the British technology in a challenging environment.

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