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This hub aims to provide useful and relevant information to anyone working to support the growth of sub-Saharan Africa's renewable energy industry. Browse it for REPP news and publications, plus links to a carefully curated bank of external content and resources.

Locations: Tanzania

Case study – Kilosa

Uploaded 02/11/17

Providing first-time energy access to 6,000 people in one of Tanzania’s most underserved regions will be just one of the Kilosa project’s major benefits. Currently around three in four households in the central-eastern Morogoro Region, which includes the Kilosa District, is not connected to electricity in any form. Now, project developers Ruaha Energy and Cronimet…

Case study – Kitewaka

Uploaded 12/07/16

A plan to build a 5.39MW run-of-river hydropower plant in a very remote area of Tanzania is expected to enhance economic activity and displace diesel usage. Under the proposal, more than 90,000 people living in nearby villages in the Njombe and Ruvuma regions – where the current electrification rate is less than 20% – will…

Case study – PowerGen Tanzania

Uploaded 31/12/16

This project is being developed by PowerGen, which builds, owns and operates micro-grids in Tanzania and Kenya. Today, PowerGen manages over 3,500 customers across Tanzania and Kenya and plans to scale this up to over 100,000 customers within the next five years. Customers will be able to pre-pay on a PAYG basis for clean, roundthe-…