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Développer des mini-réseaux solaires photovoltaïques selon les normes de performance environnementale et sociale de la SFI

Téléchargé le 07/12/18

About the webinars

On 3 & 5 December 2018, REPP co-hosted a two-part webinar series with AMDA to guide solar PV mini-grid developers through the IFC’s standards and assist them in establishing Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) suitable to their needs.

The aim of the series was to help participants to:

  • Acquire a detailed understanding of the IFC’s requirements;
  • Understand the environmental and social impacts of solar mini-grids; and
  • Receive and understand tools to establish an ESMS for solar mini-grids.

94% of participants rated the webinar “good” or “very good”.

Read a summary of the webinar series by event organiser Laura Lahti ici.

View the presentations

Unfortunately, the webinars are no longer available online, but you can still download the in-depth presentations for each session below, as well as REPP’s supporting guidance template.

Session 1: Structure of IFC Performance Standards and Key Impacts of Mini-grids

Session 2: Management Plans according to IFC Performance Standards

Guidance template

During the webinar, we discussed the IFC Performance Standards that have specific relevance to solar PV mini-grids and how to develop an effective Environmental and Social Management System. REPP has developed a guidance template to assist in taking on this challenge. The template provides key concerns for each performance standard and suggestions on how to address them when drafting your policy and procedures.

Download the guidance template