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Why fit-for-purpose shareholders agreements are critical to your project’s bankability

Uploaded 11/05/20

Legal experts throw light on the complexities of shareholders agreements in this one-hour webinar. Primarily aimed at renewable energy project developers, but will be of interest to other stakeholders such as local finance providers as well as legal counsels.

Developing solar PV mini-grids to IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards

Uploaded 07/12/18

Including links to live recordings for both sessions, plus downloadable presentations and a guidance template for developers.

Gender considerations in the stakeholder engagement process

Uploaded 14/10/19

REPP-hosted webinar laying out best practice for ensuring an effective gender-sensitive stakeholder consultation that promotes evidence-based and participatory decision making to the benefit of all.

Gender mainstreaming in renewable energy project design

Uploaded 26/05/20

Capacity-building webinar to provide project developers and other industry players with a better understanding of gender considerations during project development and implementation; and, also to clarify the requirements of REPP’s gender policy to its investees.