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Mini-grids webinar series prompts lively Q&As


This week, REPP co-hosted a two-session webinar series on “Developing Solar PV Mini-grids to IFC Environmental and Social (E&S) Performance Standards” with African Minigrid Developers Association (AMDA). The aim of the webinars was to provide project developers and other interested parties with practical knowledge on how to establish IFC-compliant Environmental and Social Managements Systems (ESMS) for small mini-grid projects.

The webinar was attended by 95 participants over the two sessions, which included presentations from Laura Lahti, Impact Manager at Camco Clean Energy (REPP’s manager); Rachel Cochran, Principal ESG Consultant, Ibis Consulting; and Moses Owuor, Operations Manager at  mini-grids developer PowerHive. The presentations covered the establishment of ESMS, including impact assessment, and a partial case study of how this has been done through PowerHive’s mini-grid projects in Kenya.

Presentations from both sessions where followed by a lively Q&A session moderated by AMDA’s CEO Aaron Leopold and COO Jessica Stephens. The questions varied from hazardous waste handling from batteries and solar panels to improving visual design of mini-grids to gender-mainstreaming.

94% of participants rated the webinars either “good” or “very good”, confirming the success of the event.

Missed the webinars? Don’t worry! Click ici for links to the live recordings from both sessions, as well as downloadable presentations and a guidance template to help developers produce an effective ESMS.