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Points de discussion (série d'interviews)

Talking Points: Chris Longbottom, Mobile Power

Uploaded 01/09/21

Mobile Power provides electricity to off-grid customers in sub-Saharan Africa through an innovative business model involving solar-powered pay-per-use battery sharing. In this latest Talking Points interview, we talk to co-founder Chris Longbottom about bringing this novel energy access solution to life.

Talking Points: Mike Gratwicke, Rift Valley Energy

Uploaded 22/03/21

In this latest instalment in our Talking Points interview series, we talk to Mike Gratwicke, Managing Director of Rift Valley Energy, which built and operates a hydro/wind hybrid distribution network in rural Tanzania.

Talking Points: Caroline Frontigny, upOwa

Uploaded 23/11/20

In the second instalment in our Talking Points interview series, we talk to Caroline Frontigny, co-founder of Cameroon-based solar home system developer, upOwa.

Talking Points: Karl Boyce, ARC Power

Uploaded 24/06/20

In the very first instalment in our Talking Points interview series with REPP investees we talk to Karl Boyce, CEO of Rwanda-based mini-grids developer, ARC Power