Centro de Recursos

Este centro tem como objetivo fornecer informações úteis e relevantes a qualquer pessoa que trabalhe para apoiar o crescimento da indústria de energia renovável da África Subsariana. Nele pode encontrar notícias e publicações da REPP, além de hiperligações para um conjunto de conteúdos externos e outros recursos cuidadosamente selecionados.

Talking Points (série de entrevistas)

Talking Points: Chris Kanini, Winch Energy

Uploaded 08/11/22

Winch Energy Ltd is close to completing a large-scale project to build 49 solar PV mini-grids in Sierra Leone and Uganda that will connect over 55,000 people with electricity for the first time. In this Talking Points interview, we talk to VP of business development and mini-grid veteran Chris Kanani about how the sector has evolved over the last decade and what’s now needed to take it to scale.

Talking Points: Chris Longbottom, Mobile Power

Uploaded 01/09/21

Mobile Power provides electricity to off-grid customers in sub-Saharan Africa through an innovative business model involving solar-powered pay-per-use battery sharing. In this latest Talking Points interview, we talk to co-founder Chris Longbottom about bringing this novel energy access solution to life.

Talking Points: Mike Gratwicke, Rift Valley Energy

Uploaded 22/03/21

In this latest instalment in our Talking Points interview series, we talk to Mike Gratwicke, Managing Director of Rift Valley Energy, which built and operates a hydro/wind hybrid distribution network in rural Tanzania.

Talking Points: Caroline Frontigny, upOwa

Uploaded 23/11/20

In the second instalment in our Talking Points interview series, we talk to Caroline Frontigny, co-founder of Cameroon-based solar home system developer, upOwa.

Talking Points: Karl Boyce, ARC Power

Uploaded 24/06/20

In the very first instalment in our Talking Points interview series with REPP investees we talk to Karl Boyce, CEO of Rwanda-based mini-grids developer, ARC Power