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Gender mainstreaming in renewable energy project design

Uploaded 26/05/20

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Women in African countries are key to energy production and consumption. Renewable energy companies that incorporate women’s needs into their business plans, can therefore expect to better serve their addressable market.

Gender equality also makes profound business sense, since investing in women leads to increased productivity, organisational effectiveness, return on investment and higher consumer satisfaction.

REPP’s webinar on 26 May 2020, aimed to:

  • Provide project developers and other industry players with a better understanding of gender considerations during project development and implementation; and,
  • Clarify the requirements of REPP’s gender policy to investees.

The webinar also included a presentation on a new toolkit – developed by REPP’s manager, Camco Clear Energy – to help renewable energy developers put gender equality at the core of their business operations.

The webinar was primarily aimed at REPP investees, who are encouraged to promote gender mainstreaming in accordance with REPP policy, but will also be of interest to energy developers in African countries, including E&S professionals, and environmental consultants.


The webinar with moderated by Karl Upston-Hooper, General Counsel, Camco Clean Energy.

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