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Technologies: Run-of-river hydro

Case study – Kitewaka

Uploaded 23/05/19

6.4MW hydropower plant will connect 91,000 people in some of the remotest areas of Tanzania for the first time, and improve existing connections for nearly 250,000 more. View full report

Case study – Rupingazi

Uploaded 24/05/19

Partially completed 6MW project will improve energy access to more than 175,000 people in the foothills of Mount Kenya. View full report

Case study – Sakhala and Mathioya

Uploaded 23/05/19

Pair of run-of-river hydropower plants with combined 10MW generating capacity will provide improved energy access to 280,000 people. View full report

Case study – Virunga Corporate

Uploaded 24/05/19

A 100MW portfolio of run-of-river hydroelectric power and rural distribution projects to provide improved energy access for nearly 3 million people across four countries. View full report