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Finance and development aces join Investment Committee


REPP is delighted to announce the appointment of Shelmith Theuri and Vijandren Naidoo to its Investment Committee (IC), where they will assume an integral role in implementing the programme’s mandate.

Shelmith is a seasoned finance and investment professional with over 10 years’ experience working in impact investing and a diverse range of other finance disciplines in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2016, she has been focused on financing and supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses and projects across the region.

Vijandren is currently Director of Operations at alternative asset management firm Brookfield Renewable. An electrical engineer by training, he has spent the past 10 years actively involved in developing, designing, constructing and operating solar and wind farms all over the world.

Geoff Sinclair, Managing Director of REPP’s investment manager, Camco Clean Energy, said: “When we started recruiting for the two IC posts back in 2020 we could not have hoped to find anyone better suited for the roles than Shelmith and Vijandren.

“Not only do they bring a wealth of talent and invaluable financial, environmental and developmental experience to the IC, but they share a genuine passion for achieving climate mitigation and sustainable development through renewable energy, which is what REPP is all about.

“We are all excited to start working with them.”

The IC is an integral part of REPP, with responsibility for implementing the programme’s mandate by selecting and monitoring transactions based on a wide range of criteria. It typically meets monthly to consider potential and existing REPP deals at various levels of maturity, from early-stage development to construction.

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