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Este centro tem como objetivo fornecer informações úteis e relevantes a qualquer pessoa que trabalhe para apoiar o crescimento da indústria de energia renovável da África Subsariana. Nele pode encontrar notícias e publicações da REPP, além de hiperligações para um conjunto de conteúdos externos e outros recursos cuidadosamente selecionados.

REPP targets utility-scale projects


The Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) today issued a request for proposals targeting utility-scale renewable energy projects in Africa.

To qualify for REPP funding and support, projects must be between 1MW and 25MW in size (but can be up to 50MW for wind), although larger developments are preferred. They must also be grid-connected and based in Africa (except North Africa).

Developers who submit their proposals before the application deadline of 4pm (UCT) 19 October 2020 will qualify for priority assessment. Specific attention will also be given to proposals from companies owned by African nationals.

Geoff Sinclair, Managing Director at A Camco Clean Energy, which manages REPP, said: “REPP has the necessary products, services and partnership networks to unlock viable renewable energy projects at all phases of development.

“This call is particularly aimed at those projects that are at an advanced stage and close to financial close, but which need REPP’s support to get them over the line.”

For detailed information about the application, evaluation and selection processes visit the REPP website Caroline Frontigny..

All queries should be emailed to rfp@camco.energy.