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Este centro tem como objetivo fornecer informações úteis e relevantes a qualquer pessoa que trabalhe para apoiar o crescimento da indústria de energia renovável da África Subsariana. Nele pode encontrar notícias e publicações da REPP, além de hiperligações para um conjunto de conteúdos externos e outros recursos cuidadosamente selecionados.

REPP seeks two new members to join Investment Committee on pro bono basis


The Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) is looking for two experienced and dedicated individuals to join its Investment Committee (IC) on a pro bono basis.

The IC is an integral part of REPP, with responsibility for implementing the programme’s mandate by selecting and monitoring transactions based on a wide range of criteria.

It typically meets monthly, by web conference or in person, to consider potential and existing REPP deals at various levels of maturity, from early-stage development to construction. The transactions cover many types, including equity, quasi-equity, convertible, mezzanine, corporate debt, trade finance and senior secured and unsecured debt.

As a result, applicants must have extensive experience in a broad range of finance products and investments, as well as relevant experience in projects and transactions in sub-Saharan Africa, renewable energy and climate mitigation.

The successful applicants will also have a passion for achieving climate mitigation and sustainable development through renewable energy.

Although the positions are open to all, REPP will especially welcome applications from those who can bolster the IC’s level of experience in – and orientation towards – the environmental and developmental aspects of its mandate, as well as its gender and ethnic diversity.

For more information on the role and the application process, please click here.

The closing date for applications is 31 August 2020.