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Renewable Energy Performance Platform leads €2.5m Series A2 funding round for Cameroon’s leading energy access provider


upOwa solar home system

Cameroon-based solar home systems business upOwa has successfully closed a €2.5m Series A2 funding round led by REPP.

REPP’s €1.3m equity investment in the raise facilitated further equity financing by French family office Colam Impact and Paris-based impact investor LITA.co, and unlocked meaningful quantities of debt funding. Other participants in the round include Persistent and pre-existing investors including INCO and Gaia Impact.

upOwa has pioneered solar home systems on a pay-as-you-go basis in Cameroon, offering low-income, off-grid families an affordable opportunity to access clean energy for lighting, charging phones and powering small household appliances.

This investment will further support the company’s growth and expansion, providing more solar-based power solutions for Cameroonians with no alternative access to electricity.

UK government-funded REPP is managed by A Camco Clean Energy.

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