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Centro de Recursos

Este centro tem como objetivo fornecer informações úteis e relevantes a qualquer pessoa que trabalhe para apoiar o crescimento da indústria de energia renovável da África Subsariana. Nele pode encontrar notícias e publicações da REPP, além de hiperligações para um conjunto de conteúdos externos e outros recursos cuidadosamente selecionados.

International development veteran joins REPP’s Board


REPP is delighted to announce the appointment of Ashufta Alam from the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as the newest member of its Board.

Ashufta is a senior civil servant at BEIS, where she oversees a £2.5 billion portfolio of international climate investments. She is also the Director (Chair) of UK Climate Investments LLP and the UK Alternate Board Member to the Green Climate Fund.

Ashufta brings with her a wealth of relevant experience, including spending two decades working in international development across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia on behalf of the UK Government.

Ashufta replaces David Potter, who resigned from his position in July. She will sit alongside existing members Peter Coveliers, Daniel Farchy and Eric Usher, and support the Board’s primary role of helping to oversee the overall direction and strategy of the programme, and promoting its success.

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