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Este centro tem como objetivo fornecer informações úteis e relevantes a qualquer pessoa que trabalhe para apoiar o crescimento da indústria de energia renovável da África Subsariana. Nele pode encontrar notícias e publicações da REPP, além de hiperligações para um conjunto de conteúdos externos e outros recursos cuidadosamente selecionados.

REPP requests expressions of interest


Renewable Energy Performance Platform requests expressions of interest for technical and ESIA service providers


London, 5 June 2016 – The Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) has been established in order to facilitate the development of small-scale and distributed renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa.

REPP has been set up with the support of the European Investment Bank and United Nations Environment Programme. As an innovative climate finance initiative, REPP’s purpose is to provide support to African renewable energy projects smaller than 25MW, to enable them to reach financial close and commence construction.

The REPP “toolbox” includes:

  • Technical assistance and due diligence services;
  • Access to risk mitigation instruments provided by REPP partners;
  • Access to long-term lending from both public and private sector sources and assistance with financial structuring; and
  • Results-based finance, in certain limited circumstances, to ensure that viable projects are able to reach financial close.

The REPP now wishes to invite technical and ESIA service providers to express their interest in providing technical expertise to REPP supported projects through the REPP Technical Assistance Facility (TAF). Companies who respond and provide an EOI will be placed on the REPP list of providers together with details of their areas of expertise and geographic coverage.  Providers will be invited to submit costed proposals for specific pieces of work, as and when required by the REPP supported projects.

Geoff Sinclair, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Africa at Camco, who leads the REPP Manager team, said: “We are now entering an exciting phase of the REPP where the first projects to be supported have been identified.  A key component of the support that REPP will offer to these projects is the provision of the necessary technical assistance services to help them reach financial close.  To this end, we are seeking world class firms with excellent track records in assisting African renewable energy projects to further the goals of the REPP.”

Jussi Nykanen, Greenstream’s Chairman, added: “The launch of this Expressions of Interest for Technical and ESIA Service Providers is a key step in not only the development of specific projects but will also enhance the “ecosystem” of renewables capabilities in sub-Saharan Africa. As REPP Manager we are conscious of the need to establish a sustainable future for low-carbon energy infrastructure in the continent, and believe tailored approach of the REPP can contribute to this goal.”


For further information, please contact Santhuri Naicker via e-mail (santhuri.naicker@camcocleanenergy.com)