7.5MW solar PV power plant will improve the energy supply of nearly 90,000 people in Burundi, while providing 300 temporary and 50 permanent jobs.

This ambitious utility-scale project in Burundi centres round the con­struction of a 7.5MW solar PV power plant that is expected to increase the country’s generation capacity by 15%.

The development in Mubuga, in the Gitega Province, will also be the first grid-connected solar project by an IPP in Burundi, and will be the first renewable energy project to design a bankable PPA and Conces­sion Agreement, paving the way for other renewable energy projects in the country.

Project developers Gigawatt Global Burundi SA estimate that the plant will be able to supply the electricity needs of around 87,600 people and businesses, and provide 300 part-time jobs during construction and up to 50 full-time jobs during the operational phase for cleaning, security and general maintenance.

The developers also plan to construct a scalable mini-grid scheme alongside the grid-based project for the local community, and will pro­vide yearly support to the community to improve economic potential and living standards.

REPP is providing development funding and construction financing, which will enhance the overall economics of the project and allow for improved access to long-term financing from debt providers and equity investors.

This project has a strong demonstration effect, especially in terms of building capacity within government to negotiate and secure PPAs with IPPs. It is expected the project will strengthen political buy-in and sup­port for small-medium scale renewable energy projects in Burundi.

Estrutura de financiamento

Contracted date: 7 December 2016
Tipo de empréstimo: capital de desenvolvimento
Financiamento da REPP: não divulgado

A escala de impacto que o projeto Mubuga terá nas vidas e negócios das pessoas comuns não pode ser sobrestimada e, no processo, marcará o despertar de uma nova era para as energias renováveis no Burundi. O apoio da REPP possibilitou-o. O projeto será o modelo que será seguido por outros investidores estrangeiros e reforçará a imagem do Burundi para investimentos a longo prazo por financiadores internacionais.
- Honorável Jean Jacques Nyenimigabu, assessor superior do presidente e ex-parlamentar de Mubuga