A solar PV mini-grid portfolio providing first-time access to electricity with far-reaching social and health benefits to rural communities in Sierra Leone.

A USD 1.25m loan from REPP is being used to support the construction and operation of 9 new solar-powered mini-grids in Sierra Leone, and the operation of a further 22 existing sites.

The 1.3MW Moyamba portfolio is being developed by Energicity (SL) Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Energicity Corporation, a woman-led business. Energicity (SL) Ltd won a concession to develop and operate the 31 mini-grid sites through a competitive bid issued by Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Energy’s Rural Renewable Electrification Project. 

The electrification project was conceived in the wake of the 2014 Ebola crisis to support Sierra Leone’s health care system. A significant part of the Moyamba project is targeted towards strengthening the system’s resilience via direct connection to hospitals and clinics, and 6.6kWh electricity is provided free of change each day to community health centres.

In addition to supporting health care, the mini-grids provide electricity to surrounding communities and are suitable for productive uses of energy, such as milling and grinding, thus providing income-generating opportunities for local businesses and direct job opportunities for communities. Energicity is also developing “behind the meter” relationships with customers, providing electric wiring of homes and value-added services such as leasing freezers and electric motors.

As of 31 March 2023, 30 of the 31 mini-grids were operational and generating revenue, following partial funding from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (formerly Department for International Development).

Energicity Corporation meets 2X Challenge’s criteria for gender lens investment.  The company has taken a proactive approach in increasing gender diversity in the energy sector in Sierra Leone with over 35% of its employees and 50% of its business customers being women.

Funding structure

Contracted date: 1 April 2021
Lending type: Senior term loan
REPP funding: USD 1.25 million

Energicity is pleased to partner with the Renewable Energy Performance Platform to develop our concession in Sierra Leone. With the USD 1.25 million in funding, Energicity’s subsidiary is working to provide electricity to nearly 80,000 people, providing affordable, reliable and scalable electricity so that families and communities can thrive.
- Nicole Poindexter, CEO and Founder, Energicity Corp