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Solar projects make up bulk of applications in innovation-themed request for proposals



REPP’s recent innovation-themed request for proposals (RFP) generated 37 applications for clean energy projects in 14 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Of the 37 applications, 21 (approx. 57%) were for solar PV mini-grids or solar home system projects (12 and 9, respectively). Grid-connected solar PV projects accounted for five applications (14%), four for biogas (11%), three for biomass (8%), two captive solar PV (5%), and one each for run-of-river hydro and waste-to-energy (2.5%). Project sizes ranged from small-scale 1MW developments to much larger projects of 20MW and above. 

In terms of location, the projects were dispersed fairly evenly across the region, with 38% of projects in Southern Africa, 32% in East Africa and 30% in West Africa. Further details of individual projects cannot be shared due to commercial reasons.

Ben Hugues, Investment Director and REPP Lead at Camco Clean Energy, REPP’s investment manager, said: “We are delighted at the response to this recent request for proposals and would like to thank all applicants.

“The breadth of ideas and innovative business models we have received has been encouraging and demonstrates how much uncapped potential there is within the sector for delivering clean energy access where it is most needed.”

Applications are currently being assessed by the REPP team, and developers that are put forward to the next stage of the selection process will be notified in due course.

Please note: Although the RFP has closed, REPP is still very keen to receive applications from innovative companies and entrepreneurs working in Sub-Saharan Africa’s renewable energy space to submit applications for funding for their projects. To apply, click ici.