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Gender-themed request for proposals generates 69 applications from 20 countries in Africa


REPP’s recent gender-themed request for proposals (RFP) was met with an overwhelming response from project developers from across West, East and Southern Africa, and we would thank everyone who applied.

The RFP was specifically seeking applications for funding for projects that are either majority-owned or led by women, or whose focus is to promote the economic empowerment of women.

In total, 69 applications were submitted, of which 29 came from West Africa, 27 from East Africa and the other 13 from Southern Africa. The projects were spread across 20 different countries, with half in West Africa, seven in East Africa and three in Southern Africa, demonstrating the broad reach and appeal of the RFP.

Fifty-two of the projects were majority women-owned or led by women, while two-thirds of the applications claimed to focus on promoting the economic empowerment of women, though further investigation is required to better understand the anticipated impact of these projects.

Off-grid mini-grids and solar home systems were the most prevalent forms of technology across the applications, with 20 and 26 respectively. The remaining 23 applications were for grid-connected projects, consisting of a mixture of mostly hydro, biogas and solar PV. 

Applications are currently being assessed by the REPP team, and developers that are put forward to the next stage of the selection process will be notified in due course.

Please note: Although the RFP has closed, REPP is still very keen to receive applications from developers that are women-owned or led, or which focus on promoting the economic empowerment of women. To apply, click ici.