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Project developers given first sight of new gender mainstreaming toolkit during REPP-hosted webinar


A new boîte à outils to support gender equality in the renewables sector was launched during REPP’s Intégration des politiques d'égalité entre les sexes dans la conception des projets relatifs aux énergies renouvelables this week.

The free-to-use resource is based on industry best practice and was developed by REPP’s manager, Camco Clean Energy. It provides a practical guide to help renewable energy developers in African countries integrate a gender equality perspective into the design, implementation, monitoring and assessment of their projects.

More than 90 developers and other industry professionals tuned in for the capacity-building webinar on Tuesday, 26 May.

Gender and inclusion expert Virginie Le Masson started proceedings with an introduction to gender mainstreaming and how to implement it in project design, before participants were treated to an in-depth look at gender mainstreaming in action from Solar Sister’s Founder and CEO Katherine Lucey. Camco’s impact manager, Laura Lahti, provided the introduction to the toolkit. The event concluded with a lively Q&A session.

Eighty-one per cent of participants rated the speakers’ presentations and subject knowledge as “very satisfactory” in a post-webinar survey.

The webinar was targeted primarily at REPP investees and renewable energy developers in African countries but considered of interest to environmental and social impact professionals, and consultants. 

  • A video of the webinar plus speakers’ presentations and the gender mainstreaming toolkit are available on the REPP website’s Resource Centre ici