REPP assists developers from inception to construction, providing a broad range of financing products and support tailored to suit each client’s unique set of circumstances and needs.

REPP's products and support

Development phase capital and support

REPP provides loans for selected third party development expenses, such as feasibility studies, grid studies, environmental and social impact assessments, legal advice etc. The programme also offers developers general project guidance and support.

Gap financing

REPP helps to bring projects to financial close using a range of financing structures, including bridge financing, construction loans, equity and equity conversion options, results-based financing, results-based loans for mini-grid rollout, subordinated debt, trade finance for SHS, and working capital loans.

Access to risk mitigation instruments

Instruments are provided by REPP’s partners with the programme’s assistance and coordination, and focus on risks that cannot be cost-effectively managed by the private sector, especially political, regulatory and offtaker risks. REPP also works to reduce risk in the long-term by collaborating with governments on regulatory improvement and demonstrating how regulatory stability can attract more investment leading to greater social benefit.

Access to long-term lending

The Camco team uses its wealth of experience and contacts in renewable energy finance across Africa to help projects to structure their funding in the right way, and to secure finance from REPP partners and other financial institutions, both private and public. REPP also encourages debt and risk mitigation instrument providers to coordinate their approval and due diligence requirements to simplify the process for developers.

Our process

REPP's products and support: Origination and eligibility
Origination & eligibility

The REPP manager discusses project proposal with developer and an eligibility assessment is performed, potentially leading to a signed engagement letter.

REPP's products and support: Term sheet
Term sheet

If IC recommends progression, a draft term sheet is agreed with the developer and presented with a full structure memo to the IC.

REPP's products and support: Ongoing support and monitoring
Ongoing support & monitoring

The REPP project team provides ongoing support on an as-needed basis and collects information for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

REPP's products and support: Proposal

REPP project teams decide whether to progress application to REPP’s Investment Committee (IC) via a concept memo. If it does, a full proposal document is prepared and presented for a Q&A session.

REPP's products and support: Financing agreement
Financing agreement

KYC and due diligence is started, and a draft financing agreement is prepared and agreed alongside a set of condition precedents. If the draft gets passed by the IC, it goes to the Management Board for final decision. Once condition precedents are met, the funds are disbursed as per the agreed milestones.

Supported technologies

REPP's products and support: technologies supported
Run-of-river hydroelectric power
REPP's products and support: technologies supported
REPP's products and support: technologies supported
REPP's products and support: technologies supported
REPP's products and support: technologies supported
REPP's products and support: technologies supported