Seta Cameroon

Two 5MW biomass plants will improve the existing energy supply of more than half a million people, and create 460 temporary and permanent jobs.

Seta Cameroon involves the construction of two 5MW grid-connected biomass power plants in rural Cameroon and is the most recent addi­tion to REPP’s portfolio of supported projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

The power plants are planned for the cities of Ebolowa and Edea in the coastal and southern regions of the West African country. Once built, they will supply baseload power and additional grid stabilisation in a rural area known for its weak grid system, displacing light fuel oil and gas generation.

Combined, the plants will provide more than half a million people with improved access to clean electricity.

The project is also expected to spawn a small, income-generating in­dustry for hundreds of people through the gathering and delivery of wood waste to the plants.

Project developers, Seta Cameroun, chose the regions in order to pro­vide assistance in a geography where the market for renewable energy IPPs remains nascent.

With REPP support, the template for a bankable PPA can be developed and will open up the renewable energy IPP landscape to other devel­opers.

Funding structure

Contracted date: 26 January 2018
Lending type: Development capital
REPP funding: EUR 790,000

Building power grids is essential for Africa’s development. Seta Cameroun provides added value by siting our power plants in the rural areas that need them most and where there is abundantly available biomass, which otherwise would be wasted - or worse, burnt - polluting the environment to considerable detriment of public health.
- Etienne Frank, CEO, Seta Cameroun