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Marco Borero, Kenya

REPP equity investment accelerates financial close for 1.65MW (DC) grid-connected solar PV plant in Kenya

A US$355,000 equity investment from REPP has breathed new life into a grid-connected solar PV plant in Kenya that required additional equity to fund construction.

Although developer Marco Borero* had earlier secured a US$1.8m senior debt offer from the French Development Agency’s (AFD) SUNREF programme via the Co-operative Bank of Kenya to help fund  construction of the 1.65MW (DC) plant, it had been unable to raise the final tranche of equity required to complete the financing package. This was due to the comparatively small size of both the project and the funding amount required. REPP’s equity participation brought much-needed comfort to lenders in order to complete the financing required to bring the project to fruition.

With REPP’s funding, Marco Borero reached financial close on the project in September 2020, unlocking the senior debt facility to accelerate construction at the site in Nyeri.

Astonfield Solar, a sub-Saharan solar EPC contractor that has commissioned over 50 projects in East Africa, has been building the plant since June 2020. Depending on how quickly the project is completed, the project may become the first privately owned solar plant to reach operation in Kenya, although a number of larger solar projects currently in construction are also vying for the title.

Once operational the solar plant will contribute towards Kenya’s NDC target to abate 30% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The project will also help build local capacity with the first-time developer, which has aspirations of developing a pipeline of renewable energy projects in the region.

* Marco Borero is an SPV set up by Kenyan nationals Henry Maina Kanyua and his wife, Faith Nzilani Maingi.

Funding structure

Contracted date: 9 April 2020

Lending type: Equity

REPP funding: US$355,000

REPP came in at the right time, and I'm sure without them Marco Borero would have challenges meeting the project's COD deadline later this year. When REPP came on board they not only injected fresh equity, but also a fresh management style due to their experience. Now are are able to achieve financial close together.
- Henry Maina Kanyua, Chairman, Marco Borero Company Limited