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Small-scale grid-connected solar PV power plants totalling 7.2MW will provide much-needed additional grid stabilisation in one of the most underserved regions of Tanzania.

Project developer Ruaha Energy is planning to build small-scale grid-connected solar PV power plants across Tanzania’s 15,000km2 Kilosa district with a combined generating capacity of 7.2MW.

Once built, the projects will deliver much-needed power to the local grid, which frequently suffers from outages and power fluctuations, and help ensure a better electricity supply to the local hospitals and school.

The construction phase of the project will create employment opportunities for villagers and improve the local infrastructure, including upgraded roads.

Villagers involved in the construction and operation of the power plant will be upskilled in areas such as solar PV sales and invoicing, construction and maintenance, increasing their future job prospects.

The Kilosa facilities will be developed under Tanzania’s Small Power Project regime, which aims to facilitate private sector investment in energy provision.

Funding structure

Contracted date: 2 November 2017
Lending type: Development capital
REPP funding: US$245,000

We have been working with the CAMCO/REPP team to develop a portfolio of grid-connected solar photovoltaic projects. The support and suggestions we have received from them have been invaluable as we develop and roll out our strategy.
- John Tate, Chairman and CEO, Ruaha Energy