Gaia Energy Ghana

A 50MW grid-connected onshore wind farm will improve energy access to hundreds of thousands of people and lead to more than 73,000 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions every year.

The Gaia Energy project in Ghana will involve the construction of a grid-connected onshore wind farm, and is the largest project that REPP has been involved with to date.

Once built, the wind farm in Agogo will be among the biggest wind developments ever completed in the West African country, and will help establish a viable business model that will pave the way for scaling up investment in its nascent wind industry.

Getting the project to financial close will upskill and improve the institu­tional knowledge of the associated stakeholders (i.e. the African project developers, commercial finance institutions and providers of risk mitiga­tion instruments), and should motivate other developers to overcome barriers to seize similar opportunities in the region.

The project is being developed by Gaia Energy, an independent large-scale renewable energy developer in the Middle East and African re­gion, with a presence in 10 African countries. REPP is supporting with financing for an interconnection study, ESIA, road survey, topographi­cal study, geotech and legal counsel – with a total funding amount of $450,000.

Once up and running, the farm will be a significant boost towards Ghana meeting its national developmental target of 10% renewables by 2020.

Funding structure

Contracted date: 9 November 2017
Lending type: Development capital
REPP funding: US$450,000

[Gaia Energy Ghana] is the right project in the right community at the right time as Ghana battles with energy crises. I pray to Almighty God and the ancestors that all wind in Ghana will blow through Agogo so as to get good results during the wind resource study.
- Nana Kwame Akuako Sarpong, Paramount Chief of Agogo Traditional Area